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it is alls of things that women in the manufacturing world want to talk about. >> fantastic, curt are you talking to women in manufacturing or? >> i was in the field i used to but no more. >> what is the best movie coming out. >> transby danny boyle it is sensational. >> harris where are you for sunday. >> i love red eye on the weekend and report. >> tune in .
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gregg, i through it back to you. >> dising . well done . harris falker and dana and bill and curt.un. airs tonight at 11:00 p.m. eastern. right now in prime time, huckabee? >> tonight on huckabee. >> i think he realizes being campaigner in chief is not working. >> after blaming the gop for years the president is now playing nice. could it be because his poll numbers are on the decline? >> this is just an effort to create an image of bipartisanship it will not bear fruit. >> senator lindsey graham on the president's charm offensive. yourd house republicans the president to work with them on a balanced budget. oklahoma congressman james langford on why that is not good enough for obama. >> plus, should the republican party take a different direction to attract women and minority voters? >> we need to call out the
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hypocrisy on the left. >> ladies and gentlemen, governor mike huckabee. >> mike: thaand happy st. patry weekend to everybody. i wore the tie just for the occasion. only weekend of the whole year i get to wear it so i hope you like it. welcome to huckabee from the fox news studios in new york city. my first trip to israel occurred nearly 40 years ago in july 1973. just a couple of months before the yom kippur war i was a teenager at the time. i purchase a map and ask the people there to open the map and show me where israel is. israel is not on the map. interesting, isn't it? israelis are asked to make peace with the people who refuse to acknowledge their existences. israel is condemned for its construction of a security wall but until it was erected it was
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common for terrorists to strap bombs to their bellies, board a bus and kill innocent men, women and children. with the construction of that wall those acts of terror virtually stopped. shall we condemn those who wish in peace in their neighborhoods. their children to be able to play in a park? we would never tolerate in our cities what the people have been asked to accept. i interest seen thousands of rockets stacked up behind the police station. israelis fear every day that a rocket might land on their children's bedroom, the park where they play, the schools they attend. the synagogue its where they worship. how many rockets fired from toronto into buffalo do you it would take before we would demand that our government stop it? 5,000? 3,000? 100? nope. just one katyusha rocket is all
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it would teak. the israelis have been asked to just let it go. anybody who wonders why a safe haven for jews is necessary they ought to ask me because i will tell them what i learned from my many visits to israel and my experience this past january when my wife and i traveled to auschwitz. chills came over me as i realized what happened there and i prayed may the world never, never forget the what happened. when i visited the museum in jerusalem a couple of years ago, it was a brutal reminder of what happens when politicians make decisions that don't involve their brains. now, when you you demand that people abandon their homes because you somehow believe that you can trust radical islamo it is a fascists to keep their word and make nice, you can't negotiate with people who don't believe you have the right to exist and our
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secretary of state visited egypt and handed over a check for $250 million at a time when we are ending white house tours. that doesn't make any sense. why are we giving them f-16s and tanks for this country whose elect hed president is associated with a terrorist organization and publicly called jews blood suckers and the descendants of apes and pigs injuries the president will be going to israel neck week and it is important that the american people give him a message rather than he give the israelis a message. that message is this. mr. president, americans stand with israel because it is a mirror image of our own freedom and democracy. and before you demand the israelis to give up land, ask the palestinians to give up terrorism. meantime, tell the israelis to build as much as they can and tell the palestinians that if they don't like this they can recognize the right of the israelis to exist safely and
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securely within their god it given biblical boundaries. that is probably never going to happen so i say pour the concrete, build the houses and let israel be strong. [ applause ] >> mike: a new, washington post abc news poll shows the president's approval rating at 50%. a 5% drop since the beginning of the second term just two months ago. the same poll shows 52% of americans disapprove of the way that he is handling the economy. the president is now making an effort to reach out to republicans by meeting with them several times over the past couple of weeks but you have is to wonder are his efforts sin? sincere. i asked lindsey graham earlier. the president spent more time on capitol hill meeting with republicans in the past week than he has for the previous four year is. senator, what is up? >> i don't know. old saying in the south it doesn't matter how you find religion as long as you do.
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i don't know if it is the dropping poll numbers or wants a leg icy and realizes you you can't have one without talking to republicans. either way it is a constructive thing. >> mike: i said you can't govern if you don't have relationships. >> right. >> mike: you can't have relationships if you don't look at each other face to face and spend time together. may not always be pleasant but it has got to be done. are you convinced and you were one of the senators that had dinner with him on the thursday night at the jefferson hotel. is he being a workhorse? or a showhorse? >> that is the ultimate the question. time will tell. he asked me to put the dinner on so i did. i picked some republicans that i thought would be interested in talking to the president. i know there are many more that would have been interested. we had a kind of limited number so i picked people i thought the president would like talking to. it was a great dinner. if he is going to be a workhorse that means he and his administration have to get in the room with the republicans to find a way to solve our budget problems.
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you just can't do this campaigning. i think he realizes that being campaigner in chee chief is not working and if this is just an effort to create an image of bipartisanship it will not bear fruit. he has to get in the room and that is what you told him. >> mike: also an indication that he is still holding fast there has to be more revenue on the the table even though republicans have given up $600 billion six weeks ago and saying you got your taxes and now we want to see some spending cuts. are those two positions in concrete and intractable? >> i don't think so. the only time i would flatten the tax code and i think that is a good idea, by the way, to eliminate a lot of the loopholes and deductions but what do you do with the money? i would like to put some on the debt and buy down tax rates particularly the corporate rate to create jobs. we need economic growth. for me to o do that he has to embrace entitlement reforms. social security and medicare are going bankrupt.
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a demographic change in the country. 10,000 baby boomers retire a day. medicare and social security are unsustainable. if the president will help me save medicare and social security and refor reform medii will flatten the tax code but not going to do one without the other. i'm looking for the biggest spending cut in the history of the country along with reforms to save medicare and social security from bankruptcy. then i will do revenue. >> mike: for the first time since is the benghazi incident, we are beginning to find out at least a little something about the survive evers. six and a half months is a long time to begin getting any information about what happened and you pressed harder than any one else in the u.s. senate demanding answers. are you beginning to get some of those answers? >> absolutely. but you nailed it about the survivors. got to remember this administration leaked every detail of the bin laden raid. they told us about the pakistani doctor who helped who is now in jail. any told us about seal team
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six. they are refusing to give us the identity of the survivors and allow them to come to congress to be interviewed. i will do one of two things. i'm going to write a letter to the secretary of state asking him to voluntarily release the name of the is survivors to congress. urge my house members to subpoena the survivors. they have that power. we he don't in the senate as republicans. but i will hold up the business of the senate until we get the is survivors on record. i have talked to a couple and their story is chilling. they are scared to death to come forward without some institutional support. >> mike: the president is going to israel next week. a lot of anxiety about h his trip in that will he go and lecture the israelis about ceasing set islements. should he not be telling the principles it is time for them to recognize israel's right to exist before there is any movement? >> if you are an israeli leader who do you talk to in
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palestine? the ha massachusetthamas organs rockets at your chin? anchildren? the what i would suggest is the president do is tell the palestinians that you have got to unify and tell hamas that you will never be recognized as a legitimate representative of the palestinian people because you are a terrorist organization wreaking havoc throughout the region. who does israel negotiate with, mike? you have the palestinian community split in two. i'm glad the president is going. but if he doesn't reassure the people of israel that we have their back is against iran, it is a wasted trip. if he doesn't tell the palestinians no country will negotiate with you as long as you have a terrorist wing in your party. >> mike: always a pleasure to visit with you and we appreciate you coming by today. >> thank you. >> mike: the government's goal is to expand healthcare to americans but you dr. mark
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siegel says the government has instead expanded insurance which in turn is having a negative impact on actual healthcare. elle join us next to is explain. we'll be right back. i would like to hear from you. go to my website mikehuckabee .com and tell me what you think on the feedback section or sign up on my facebook page and follow me on twitter.
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>> mike: as a doctor my next guest has made it pretty clear he is not a big fan of obama care as well as the impact it will have on providers and patients. now, with additional cuts to medicare because of the sequestration he says medical professionals are living on the edge. joining me is dr. mark siegel of the fox news medical a-team. doc, great having you here. i want to talk about the medicare cut because a lot of people don't understand one of the plans of somehow balance the budget is to cut the
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payments to doctors, hospitals, rehab centers. how does that help improve healthcare? >> well, i don't think it does, governor.exic the secret of medicare is we are already living on the edge. both doctors and patients on the edge. we know when we see a medicare patient with all due respect to the seniors out there medicare patients tend to have more problems. take longer time for me to take care of. they need more technology. we always lived medicare because it doesn't restrict us. now, the more restricted we get the more medical problems we might have the solution for but we are not allowed to order, the more time it takes and now the less we are being paid that 2% makes a big difference. even 2% because fees are being cut across the board and expenses are going up. >> mike: with obama care one of the factors is there are specific things covered and not covered. in a way is obama care sort of preempting your ability to practice medicine and giving you a list and saying you can
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do this but you can't do that? >> i think that is right. for the smaller group that doesn't have any insurance obama care offers an advantage but for the larger group for most of us obama care has been very vocal about what it wants to cover. you know, so called preventative services. everyone should have birth control and colonoscopies and mammograms. i'm worriried about the high tech solutions and chemotherapy. ovastinisn't covered in many countries. high tech solutions are important to us and our patients and they are going to be in jeopardy. >> mike: every employer will have another $63 per employee added as an extra tax on the provision of obama care. these costs have to be passed on some where. or they have to be cut from what doctors and other providers are going to get. how is that going to affect the impact on a patient? >> governor, i want to give you an idea what kind of money we
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are talking about here. the united auto workers has 805,000 employees or dependents. $63 means $53 million when you add that p. boeing, 405,000 employees or people dependent on their insurance. that means $25 million. an enormous amount of money for a company to have is to handle. of course, that gets passed on to the consumer. either in terms of higher premiums or dropped policies. >> mike: you know, there are a lot of doctors just getting out of medicine and not that many coming in to replace them yet we are about to add tens of millions of new people to the healthcare system. if you are having to make the decision to start medical school today knowing what you know about obama care and the trends we are facing, would you do it? >> governor, i would do it. and you know why. because i love medicine. but a lot of people wouldn't do it and throughout my residency and training i talked to a lot of doctors who said you know if they make it any harder for me i might not be able to do it. or they might find ways to work with it that you might not
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like. they might cherry pick patients and say i will take cash only. you once said famously on this show you want somebody to operate on my brain pay them a lot of money to do it. >> mike: absolutely. what can the average american do to protect himself against what may be restrictive obama care terms? >> i think that the most important thing we can say to people today is can we somehow move the system back into the direction of payment out of pocket. health savings accounts. get a tax advantage. for paying not what i call nonessential services. in you come to see me for a common cold you don't want insurance to cover that if you are not the middle class. if insurance covers it your premiums go up. we need more payment out of pocket. what is not reported enough is that is a a lot of countries that have a universal health insurance they have more of a patient having skin in the game and that is what we need here. >> mike: i'm afraid maybe nancy pelosi was right on one thing we will know what is in obama
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care after we passed it. >> after we suffered from it. >> mike: very well said. doctor marc siegel great to have you here today. a new york cop is facing life in prison for basically having some really sick thoughts like cannibalism. is that the proper sentence for somebody who hasn't actually h hurt anybody else? i will discuss the c c c c c
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>> mike: a former new york city police officer faces life in prison after a jury found him guilty of conspiracy to kidnap as well as illegal use of federal databases. gilberto gally who has been dubbed the cannibal cop was convicted after evidence showed he saw the advice on how to kidnap, torture and eat women
12:25 am
including his wife and old college friends. he used his police computer to tap into a federal database and used that to look up information on potential victims. the defense team insists he was just fantasizing and didn't act on his thoughts saying no women were hurt. the case is cause to debate on whether or not defendants should be convicted based on intent. joining me is the cohost of the five kimberly guilfoyle who was assistant district attorney in san francisco. kimberly, if you had your role as a district attorney still going on this case came before you, would you you prosecute is in the same way? >> i would. i think this is a creative prosecution. these are the types of cases could be tough to get a defendant on. this is someone that they really truly believe is a menace to society, is dangerous and should be put away. the key is how do you go about doing it lawfully. what laws has the man broken. the defense will say this was a thought crime. you you can't prosecute someone for their thoughts he didn't
12:26 am
act it out. the law you does not allow someone to sit there and fanta advertise aboufantasize about n commit the act and then prosecute them. the whole idea is to get them before they commit the crime. they prosecuted him under a conspiracy theory which means two or more people get together and talk about an idea and there is an over the act. a step taken towards completing it. here conspiracy it kidnap. he had specific target victims including his wife. one woman in particular he was going to be paid $5,000 to kidnap her and then carry out his plot. so the law says that is enough. they had sufficient evidence to prove that beyond a reasonable doubt and the other one is accessing the federal database. he was going through the nypd computers to find home addresses for the victim is he was seeking out. >> mike: i can underand it he would be able to be prosecuted on the conspiracy charge as well as mining through the
12:27 am
federal databases but is a a life sentence appropriate for someone who has not carried out a crime that normally would warrant a life sentence? >> because it was prosecuted federally they were able to get tough sentencing guidelines so he can be held up to life but he has the ability to be paroled. what they will do is take a look at his past background, has he committed any other crimes what is his psychological background. they will do tests and examinations on him and come to a determination of what they feel is a suitable sentence. the prosecutors feel that the guy is dangerous, threat to society. clearly has some mental issues but was really carrying this out beyond just fantasizing. he just got caught before he completed the crime. a high risk to society if this guy gets out again. >> mike: he is clearly sick. given the possibility ups. say somebody writes a novel or a screen play and come up with
12:28 am
wild ideas of cannibalism. movie silence of the lambs and the subsequent sequels. would they be subject because they thought these things and imagined these things? i mean it gets a little dangerous here to sort of violating first amendment rights for people to think crazy things. can they prosecuted for this? >> he also had coconspirators. another individual that was prosecuted that was in on the plot with him. he wasn't just a man alone fantasizing in front of h his computer. what we see now is novel prosecutions where they are able to get forensic evidence through databases and online e-mails and text messages and communications to use that against you you in a court of law. it is not just his thoughts then. it is specific conduct, actions, reaching out to someone else, planning and putting the steps of this together. gathering the materials to do it. looking up and finding out how you to knock out a victim before he was going to kill them and eat these women.
12:29 am
there was a lot o of specifics involved here. do i think. ultimately he will get life? he will get a heavy sentence and they will determine if he in fact will still remain a risk to society if he has been rehabilitated or not. >> mike: sounds like he is a sick person. i'm not sure he is as much a criminal as he is a psychoand maybe needs to be put away because he is mentally unstable more because he had some crazy thoughts. that may be where this kind of case ultimately needs to go. >> the whole purpose is not just punishment but rehabilitation if somebody has the medical or mental issues that needs to be addressed. you don't want to just incarcerate someone if they need to be on medication or seeing a psychiatrist regularly. hopefully he does get the help so if he does get the chance to get out he will not reoffend or commit a crime like this again.
12:30 am
>> mike: i don't think we let him out until he pledges to be a vegetarian. >> you want to take the chance? >> mike: i don't think so. great to have you here. several republican lawmakers meeting the president behind closed doors and urging him to support their plan to balance the budget over the next ten years. oklahoma congressman james langford was one of those congressmen and will join us next. next. ststststststst michael, tell us why you used to book this fabulous hotel? well you can see if the hotel is pet friendly before you book it, and i got a great deal without bidding. and where's your furry friend? oh, i don't have a cat. now you can save up to 50% during priceline's spring hotel sale use promo code spring for additional savings on all express deals, including pet friendly hotels. express deals. priceline savings without the bidding.
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now, back to "huckabee." >> mike: after releasing the budget for the fiscal year 2014 house republicans are challenging the president to present his own balance the budget. here is how the president responded in an interview earlier this week. >> we will not balance the budget in ten years because if you look at what paul ryan does to balance the budget it means you have to voucherrize medicare. you have to slash deeply into programs like medicaid. my goal is not to chase a balanced budget just for the sake of balance.
12:35 am
>> mike: one of the republican congressmen who met with the president last week was oklahoma's james langford who joint us now. congressman, thanks for joining us. great to talk to you again. >> great to see you again, governor. >> mike: when you met with the president you were one of the congressmen and specifically pressed him about a balanced budget. he didn't seem that interested, did he? >> he did not. i asked if we could find some common ground and sade one of the key areas would be on a balanced budget. we may disagree on the method but at least agree on the principal of our budget should balance. it was the crown jewel of the clinton administration they could work with a republican house to finally come to a balanced put it an budget. he reiterated he doesn't feel like a balanced budget is a goal and i can't imagine simply saying as a nation we will spend what we have and not try to overspend. >> mike: listen to a clip from the president during 2008 back in the campaign when seemed to have a different attitude about balancing the budget.
12:36 am
>> it number 43 added $4 trillion by his lonesome so that we now have over $9 trillion of debt that we are going to have to pay back. $30,000 for every man, woman and child. that is irresponsible. it is unpatriotic. >> mike: i get the impression that he thought it was unpatriotic if you had a $9 trillion debt. but a $17 trillion debt suddenly moves us back to patriotism. maybe i'm confused at what point between 9 and $17 trillion of money that we owe did we get to be patriotic again? how do you deal with a mindset that completely changes the rules of the game? >> i don't know. and that is our challenge as republicans is to be able to say we do have area of common ground and it should be about spending and balancing our budget and getting back within our means but the statement about that president bush added $4 trillion of debt in eight years, we have added $6 trillion of debt in four
12:37 am
years. so we are at a very critical path and what is difficult for people to understand is the acceleration of interest payments. the president's perspective is as long as we can make our interest payments we are doing fine but the challenge is right now we pay $224 billion a year just in interest. cpo estimates within ten years we will pay $857 billion in interest. that is more than we paid for the entire war in afghanistan across 12 years. we will pay in one year just in interest payments within ten years. this is very serious. we do have to deal with this. >> mike: you told the president a story right out of the bible in your meeting with him. i'm not sure if he totally understood it. the story of king hezekiah. tell us how that related to washington's situation today. >> the clearest example of what is happening in washington today is hezekiah. a great king was very respected. led jerusalem, judah and helped protect the nation for that
12:38 am
time but at the end of his team as king he did some pretty foolish things that set up the nation to collapse after that. isaiah comes and confronts him and says what you have done will cause the captivity of the nation and cause the downfall even some of our own children will go into slavery and his response was what you said is good it won't happen in my generation. to me that is the chilling effect of what is happening in washington. trying to over spend and stablize an economy without concern for the next generation of what is happening. i wanted to say this is serious. we understand you love the nation. so do we. we have to look at ten years from now and 20 years from now and 30 years from now. if what we could now destroys the nation in ten years this was not wise leadership. my challenge was we want you to be a wise leader and look at now and in the future and that is whey we file like balancing the budget is an important thing. if we overspend now and destroy
12:39 am
our future that is not wisdom. >> mike: how did he is respond to you, congressman? >> he was sewi s outfield ic ad polite. that was i'm shortages sure a is surprise to come up with a biblical example of where we need to go. there is a lot of things we can learn from scripture both in governings and in our families. i thought it was an appropriate moment to bring up a biblical truth into what is happening with the president. >> you got the impression he probably didn't hear that story from reverend wright in chicago, probably not the same. the mainstream media is saying the gop has to move to the middle. well, they have to do that they say to attract female voters. coming up i will ask a couple of young republican women if that narrative is true or if it that nawith the spark cash card from capital one... boris earns unlimited rewards for his small business. can i get the smith contract, ease?
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mike women and minorities overwhelmingly sewed for democrats in the last election cycle. what should the gop be doing in order to reach out to voters in those groups? joining me are a couple of women who both spoke at cpac over the past couple of days. rachel duffy who is mar marrieo wisconsin congressman shawn duffy and works with an
12:44 am
organization that promotes economic empowerment and opportunity for hispanics. and crystal wright editor and publisher of conservative black chick .com. both were on panels at cpac and there is always this talk about women, you know, are going to vote against republicans unless they change and move to the middle and abandon things like the prolife plan. >> no. >> mike: is that true? >> absolutely not. i think the policies are right. i think what the problem is some of the messaging. there is a really great opportunity for them to be the party that doesn't patronize women and think that all they care about are reproductive issues. women care abou about gas pricd food and energy independence. i think it is a matter of getting past the graphs and diagrams and numbers and start speaking to women at the heart level and at the level of their
12:45 am
families and about their everyday problems and we he can do that. one of the problems is our venues, governor. love fox news. we got to be on fox news. but i he think a lot of republicans are intimidated to go into mainstream media because they know it is liberal and i think they got to put their big boy pants on and they got to get out there and they got to get that message into where people are. >> mike: i couldn't agree more. i will think it is very important. crystal, same basic question here. >> sure. >> mike: do the republicans had to to change their message? >> absolutely not, governor huckabee. you know whey said and i i will agree with what rachel said. we need to start defending conservativism because the values work. like rachel said we need to put more women out in the trenches on television in magazines because i'm a woman, rachel is a woman. i'm a black woman. rachel is a mexican american woman.
12:46 am
we have the diversity and the message but just like with minorities and governor huckabee you know about this because you got a huge sizeable portion of the black vote when you ran for governor, you get it, right? it is the peace. bothering to have a relationship. i also want to add one thing. democrats have objectified women. they turned women into their body parts really and their female parts you know he as michelle malkin said we are more than your lady parts and more than our vaginas and i think i can say that on tv. >> mike: you just did. >> you know what we should have said? you should have had people like me and rachel and celebrities saying i'm pissed off, president obama, do not objectify me. i care about my pocket book and having a job and putting food on the table for my children. democrats would never go around talking about sexual issues with men.
12:47 am
and we just got the to stop it and we have to smile about it and we have to say women, you know, all the young women i is spoke to at cpac you know what they said crystal? contraception is not my main issue. paying student loans off and getting a job and it pisses me off when democrats talk down to me. >> dick morris spoke at cpac and said the gop needs to give up overturning roe versus wade. that is just an issue that needs to go away. we don't need to talk about it. is it hurting us? >> one of the big issues in the election is how do we get the hispanic vote, right? and i had a very interesting experience. you you know, they are telling us tone down the social issues. tone down. let me tell you with hispanics not a very smart idea. i had a prolife activist that told me she worked in loretta sanchez' district and loretta is a mexican american congress woman. they knocked on every single
12:48 am
door that had a loretta sanchez sign in front and knocked on the door and told them her position on partial birth abortion. do you know what she told me the? every single one of them took the sign out of their yard. so it may not be the number one issue that hispanics vote on. i will tell you, you know, we got to deal with immigration to get past that but it is a fabulous awesome contrasting issue. it tells where are their values and where are the republican values. so do not, do not be seduced by these experts and these consultants that are telling you that. you know, if you want to reach hispanics in particular they care about life. >> mike: chris, go ahead. >> i was just going to jump in. i think we need to talk differently about women's health issues. and i don't think we need to lead with the roe versus wade. i'm going to probably disagree both of you a little bit on this. i just don't see it being repealed any time soon and i
12:49 am
don't think that is is the number one issue important to women and conservative women you. i think what we should be talking about is that we as a party encourage women to have choice in how they live their lives and when it comes to being respecting the life of the unborn i think we need to be talking about teaching young women self-esteem and i think of talking about abstinence. we need to be again defending the principles that work. we don't want any young woman to have an unwanted pregnancy. prolife is actually empo empowg women to not get pregnant and have an unwanted pregnancy. >> i had an unwanted pregnancy that brought me unplanned joy. >> but rachel. just real quick because i wanted to get something in that i think we can agree on. i'm not saying that yes, you embrace the unplanned pregnancy. i'm not saying and for you it worked and for some young women they struggle and go to the
12:50 am
catholic church and they have to think about adoption. they can't necessarily they are not in a position to raise the child. that is not what i'm talking about. i'm talking about elaine bennett has a great program called best friends and you know what she does. she is in like 16 states and the district of columbia. she teaches the curriculum in public schools and it is a self-esteem character building curriculum that encourages young girls to go to college. >> mike: this has been fascinating and we have to get you both in studio very, very soon. >> thank you very much. great to have you both. coming up, america's got talent fallist the texas tenors joining the little rockers with
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♪ because there ain't no doubt in all this land god please the usa ♪ ♪ god bless the u is sa sa ♪ >> mike: their you blend of country and a classical music earned them a spot on the finals of america's got talent. the cd called country roots classical sound. j.c. fisher, marcus roots and john. the texas tenors. also with us today the little rockers. keith wilson on guitar and jeff on keys and michael harper on drums. guys, great having you you here. >> thank you. >> mike: your blend of music is incredible because you cross every genre of music imaginable.
12:55 am
how do you maintain versatility. >> helps that we love the genres that we sing and performing music that we love makes a big difference. on the album picked every song and picked every music on the show. we love great music with great melody with a positive message so that is what we try to convey to the crowd and to the listeners. >> mike: the biggest thrill ever is appearing on this show and i know you feel that way. >> how can you compare with that. all down h hill from here. >> mike: it is downhill from here. we want to play a song on your next album and kind of interesting the texas tenors doing a tennessee song with a guy from arkansas. i mean trying to really cover all of the bases. i think people will love it and it is a little song called rocky top.
12:56 am
♪ i wish that i was on old rocky top down in the tennessee hill ♪ ♪ there ain't no smoke senator nor smog on rocky top, ain't no telephone bills ♪ ♪ and once i had a girl on rocky top half bear the other half cat ♪ ♪ she's wild as a mink but sweet as soda pop and i still dream about that ♪ he. ♪ rocky tampa yo rocky top youe home sweet home to me ♪ ♪ good 'ole rocky top, rocky top tennessee ♪ ♪ once two stranges climbed old rocky top looking for a moonshine still ♪ ♪ stranges ain't come down from rocky top, reckon they never
12:57 am
will ♪ ♪ corn won't grow at all on rocky top the dirt's too rocky by far ♪ ♪ and that is why all the folks on rocky top get their corn from a jar ♪ ♪ rocky top you will always be home sweet home to me ♪ ♪ good 'ole rocky top ♪ rocky top tennessee ♪ rocky top tennessee ♪ >> got the governor walking up and down. ♪ rocky top you will always be home sweet home to me ♪ ♪ good 'ole rocky top ♪ rocky top tennessee ♪ rocky top tennessee
12:58 am
♪ when i spent years of cramped up city life trapped like a duck in a pen ♪ ♪ well all i know that it's a pity life ♪ ♪ can't be simple again ♪ rocky top you will always be ♪ ♪ home sweet home to me ♪ good 'ole rocky top ♪ rocky top tennessee ♪ rocky top tennessee ♪ rocky top tennessee >> mike: the texas tenors and a great version of rocky top. we will have to hose down the room it is burning up with great music. thanks for joining us tonight. hope you had a great time on this st. patrick's day weekend. until next week from new york this is mike huckabee. good night and god bless.
12:59 am
♪ rocky top you'll always be home sweet home to me ♪ ♪ good 'ole rocky

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